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If you have an informative experience you wish to share with the community, please do, via e-mail:  info@stopcromancoalition.org.

It can be very helpful for others to learn from your experience, as it can help them prepare by knowing what to expect. 

So please e-mail it to info@stopcromancoalition.org or info@cromantenants.org to be printed here, anonymously if desired, at your discretion.

It will also be helpful for residents in Croman owned buildings to meet informally to discuss their individual experiences and Tenant Associations.

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10/2014: Here are some photos of my building and apartment since construction began after the  building I live in was bought by Croman. There is a big hole in my wall, there is dust everywhere all the time, my ceiling is collapsing and each day I get to deal with things like my door being blocked so I can't get in and out of my apartment. The water gets turned off without notice, the front door is always left wide open and the entire place is filthy.  They've also put up illegal balconies and illegally altered the front of the building. The only other person left in the building has a huge hole in his wall and construction workers have accessed his apartment illegally. 

 Damage to tenant's apartment  
Damage to tenant's apartment
Blocking entry to tenant's apartment

11/2014: Hello, As a rent-regulated tenant, I have been suffering under Croman management since 2005. I just discovered your site. I have dozens of photos of unsafe construction and various horrible crises in the building. When the Cromans bought the building, there were 20 rent-stabilized tenants; now there are only 3 remaining including myself. I am pretty much losing it at this point. I attach videos of the most recent incident (July 3 of this year) when a trap door stairway to a private roof terrace in one of the renovations in progress was improperly/partially installed just before a flash flood.

One question I have is regarding use of high VOC paints. I understand there are laws regulating the level of VOCs that can be used in residential buildings.  Management has the workers paint the basement every couple months with this terrifically toxic paint. The smell is so bad even on the 3rd floor that I cannot stay there. The workers do not use respirators and there is no ventilation in the basement. I have reported this to 311 several times with no result and I'm trying to find information on whether the use of this product is illegal. They just pained the basement again this Saturday and I am trying to find a way to stop them from continuing to do this.


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