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We're here to share resources, experiences, and insights about life under the Croman Real Estate / 9300 Realty crime family and cabal.

Our goals are to:

  • Inform tenants of their rights 
  • Share information and resources
  • Facilitate connections between tenants

One of the tools aggressive landlords rely on is your sense of isolation, fear, and helplessness.

You are not alone. Don't be afraid. You are not helpless. You have rights!

Welcome to Croman Tenants' Alliance.


September, 2019:

A group of tenants are suing notorious landlord Steven Croman for trying to illegally deregulate apartments.

July, 2019:
"The complaint, filed by law firm Newman Ferrara and the Housing Rights Initiative (HRI), alleges that Croman illegally leased rent-stabilized apartments in a Harlem building at market rates while receiving tax benefits from the state.

The lawsuit adds that Croman never gave leases to tenants or registered those units with the state, and that he deregulated 70 percent of the building’s 92 units. HRI now expects rent refunds for affected tenants, as well as new rent stabilized leases."

Notorious criminal landlord Steve Croman faces claims from more than 100 tenants in East Harlem building (nydailynews.com)

March, 2019:
"Croman Tenants will Receive a Total of $8 Million in Restitution Funding, the Largest-Ever Monetary Settlement with an Individual Landlord 
 Households Received Checks for $2,425 from the First of Up to Four Rounds of Payments in December 2018 
Claim forms and additional information are also available at www.cromanrestitutionfund.comTenants who received restitution in the first round are automatically approved for future rounds of payments and do not need to re-apply"

December, 2018:
"As the Result of Settlement Secured by AG, Tenants Will Receive a Total of $8 Million in Restitution from Croman – Largest-Ever Monetary Settlement with an Individual Landlord"

September, 2018:

CNBC - American Greed - Lousy Landlord - 09-17-18

August, 2018:

As the Result of Unprecedented Settlement, Tenants Eligible for $8 Million in Restitution from Croman – Largest-Ever Monetary Settlement with an Individual Landlord [PDF]

December, 2017:

Consent Decree Forces Croman to Pay $8 Million in Restitution to Tenants – Largest-Ever Monetary Settlement with an Individual Landlord


A.G. Schneiderman Announces Jail Sentence For Major NYC Landlord Steven Croman
Steven Croman Taken Into Custody And Transferred To Rikers Island For One Year Jail Sentence; Croman Also Paying $5 Million Settlement

Croman Taken into Custody
Alec Tabak for New York Daily News

October, 2017:

Major NYC Landlord Steven Croman Sent to Rikers

Notorious Landlord Steve Croman Sentenced to a Year on Rikers Island
Steve Croman Sentenced
DNAinfo/Allegra Hobbs

June, 2017:

5/2/17 - New York Post reports sources say Steve Croman plea deal would involve jail and fines. 

A.G. Schneiderman Announces 20 Felony Charges And Civil Suit Against Major New York City Landlord Steven Croman

December, 2016:

It's business as usual for Croman despite impending Criminal and Civil suits.

'When It Rains Outside, It Rains Inside': Tenants Say Notorious NYC Landlord Is Practicing 'Construction as Harassment'

He's still harassing us, Croman tenants claim as landlord faces prison

Tenants of 159 Stanton St. File Lawsuit Against Landlord Steve Croman

Tenants File Suit Against Notorious Landlord Over 'Harassment' Tactics

Lower East Side tenants accuse Steve Croman of harassment, hazardous conditions

Tenants File Suit Against Notorious Landlord Over 'Harassment' Tactics

November 8, 2016:

West View News: The Most Vulnerable Among Us (PDF)

October 12, 2016:

BloombergBusinessweek: Out With the Poor, In With the Rich: The Landlord’s Guide to Gentrifying NYC (PDF)

October 5, 2016:

West View News: I Met Croman (PDF)

July 12, 2016:

A.G. Schneiderman Announces New Strengthened Team to Spearhead Office's Tenant Harassment and Housing Enforcement Initiatives

June 22, 2016:

Tenants Make Themselves Heard as Croman Case is Pushed Back

Report: Steve Croman case pushed back to September

'Madoff of landlords; close to plea deal in fraud case

The 'Madoff of landlords' accused of swindling $45million in fraudulent loans and driving residents out of rent-stabilized apartments in NYC is close to reaching plea deal, his attorney says

June 21, 2016:

The Upper East Side's "Bernie Madoff of Landlords" Heads Back to Court


June 20, 2016:

Driving Out Rent-Regulated Tenants

WNYC: Driving Out Rent-Regulated Tenants

May 26, 2016:

City Taking Action to Force Eight Irresponsible Landlords to Fix Their 12 Buildings
Mayor de Blasio says city is using 1962 state housing law to withhold rent payments from bad landlords

City Taking Action Against Eight Landlords They Say Failed to Make Repairs at a Dozen Buildings

City Threatens Rent Strike Against 8 Of The 'Worst Landlords'

NYC To Withhold Rental Assistance to Slumlords Who Fail To Make Repairs

May 19, 2016:

Croman Arrested!

Tenants, lawmakers call out NYC’s ‘worst landlords’ demanding change

‘I’ll get the lead out,’ ‘Heavy Metal’ Toledano tells pols, Health Dept.

May 18, 2016:

May 16, 2016:

The Real Deal: Toledano to pay $1M-plus in settlement of EV tenant harassment suit

New York Post: These apartments are real-life nightmares

May 12, 2016:

The Villager: Notorious landlord Croman arrested on slew of charges by A.G. Schneiderman

Photo by Jefferson Siegel

Curbed New York: Steve Croman’s Shady Dealings Netted Him More than $60M in 2014

May 11, 2016:

Daily Mail: The 'Madoff of landlords' accused of swindling $45million in fraudulent loans threw lavish parties in the Hamptons recreating Studio 54 and the Playboy mansion


Real Estate Weekly: AG charges ‘Bernie Madoff of landlordsʼ with tenant harassment

The Real Deal: Steve Croman took in at least $63M from his properties in 2014: TRData

The Jewish Voice: Big NYC Landlord Charged with Fraud; Strong-Arming Tenants

Tablet: Justice Is Served: Steve Croman, ‘Villanous’ NYC Landlord, Charged With 20 Felonies

Jewish Business News: Manhattan Landlord Steve Croman Hit With Indictment Charging He Threatened, Sued Rent-Protected Tenants To Force Them Out

May 10, 2016:

Anthony Falconite

Criminal Indictment of Steven Croman & Barry Swartz (PDF)

The Daily Beast: My Slumlord Is Facing Up to 25 Years to Jail

BuzzFeed News: One Of New York’s “Worst Landlords” Is Facing 25 Years In Prison

New York Business Journal: Madoff of landlords' gets hit with felony charges, lawsuit


May 9, 2016:

A.G. Schneiderman Announces 20 Felony Charges And Civil Suit Against Major New York City Landlord Steven Croman

The New York Times: Regular on New York’s ‘Worst Landlords’ Lists Is Charged

Steven Croman, center, and his mortgage broker, Barry Swartz, left, were arraigned at State Supreme Court on Monday.
Louis Lanzano for The New York Times (enlarge to see handcuffed Croman)

The Wall Street Journal: Prominent Manhattan Landlord Arrested on Criminal Charges
Steven Croman, long accused of harassing tenants to force them from their apartments, allegedly obtained $45 million in loans by submitting fraudulent documents to banks.

NY1: Attorney General Charges the 'Bernie Madoff of Landlords' with 20 Felonies For Allegedly Harassing Rent-Stabilized Tenants

PIX11: Landlord ranked ‘one of the worst in NYC’ charged with fraud, tenant harassment

CBS New York: ‘The Bernie Madoff Of Landlords’: Man Accused Of Sending Former NYPD Officer To Threaten Tenants


WNYC: Landlord Faces Felony Charges and Civil Suit

Long Island Exchange: A.G. Schneiderman Announces 20 Felony Charges And Civil Suit Against Major New York City Landlord Steven Croman

Jewish Telegraphic Agency: NYC landlord whose son berated Uber driver in viral video charged with fraud

The Salt Lake Tribune: NYC landlord accused of harassing tenants

New York Magazine: Notoriously Terrible New York Landlord Charged With 20 Felonies

The Village Voice: Atrocious NYC Landlord Steve Croman Charged With 20 Felonies

VICE: One of America's Shadiest Landlords Is Facing Possible Prison Time

Crain's New York Business: East Village landlord arrested on criminal charges, also sued over tenant harassment
Steven Croman, who had more than $1 million in unpaid construction and building code fines at the end of 2015, is accused of stealing millions from two banks

NBC News: Landlord Abused and Tried to Evict Rent-Stabilized Tenants: Suit

The Real Deal: Landlord Steve Croman to face criminal charges over alleged tenant harassment

Metro: Major NYC landlord accused of forcing out tenants to convert units

ABC News: Big Landlord Hit With Fraud Charges, Tenant-Harassment Suit

The Real Deal: “Who’s our next target? We have to start lining them up!!!” ex-Croman employee allegedly said

EVGrieve: [Updating] Steve Croman facing charges from the state attorney general’s office

Gothamist: Reviled Apartment-Flipping Landlord Arrested For Alleged Fraud Spree

Observer: AG Indicts Manhattan Landlord Steve Croman Over $45M in Faulty Loan Apps

Commercial Observer: AG Indicts Manhattan Landlord Steve Croman Over $45M in Faulty Loan Apps

The Charlotte Observer: Big landlord hit with fraud charges, tenant-harassment suit

 Steve Croman is seen Monday after he surrendered to authorities.  Barry Swartz (l.) and Steven Croman appear in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday.     JEFFERSON SIEGEL/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

New York Daily News: EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan landlord Steve Croman surrenders to face charges he threatened, sued rent-protected tenants to force them out for high-rent units

New York Post: Landlord whose son abused Uber driver is accused of harassing tenants

Curbed: Notorious Landlord Steven Croman Will Finally Face Charges of 'Slumlord' Allegations

amNEWYORK: NYC landlord Steven Croman accused of forcing out rent-regulated tenants to convert apartments

Croman's Son Jake Also Bad Apple: 

Heavy: Jake Croman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Village Voice: Infamous NYC Slumlord Steve Croman's Son Channels Asshole Dad, Screams at Uber Driver

The Real Deal: DOB hasn’t collected $1.6B in quality-of-life fines

Bowery Boogie: Here’s What Some Local Faith Leaders Are Saying About Notorious Landlord Steve Croman

Brick Underground: 5 Shady Landlord Harassment Tactics-And Why You Shouldn't Fall for Them

New York Times: Tenants in New York Press the Record Button in a Dispute With the Landlord

WestView News: Living in a Croman Building

The Village Voice: Landlord Steve Croman Targeted by His Own Tenants with These Flyers

New York Times: Tenants in New York Press the Record Button in a Dispute With the Landlord

New York Times: Bills Aim to Protect Renters During Construction Work

New York Daily News: AG investigation of landlord Steven Croman

New York Daily News: Steven Croman and employee Anthony Falconite
http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/exclusive-ex-cop-accused-harassing-tenants-rent-stabilized-housing-article-1.1879716 (PDF)

Indypendant: Tactics used by Croman against elderly
https://www.indypendent.org/2014/12/16/how-landlords-harass-old-people (PDF)

Our Town NY: Fighting The Landlord

Village Voice: There Goes the Neighborhood

East Village News: Croman ‘pattern of harassment’ must end, pols say

The Villager: A.G. orders Croman goon to stop harassing rent-regulated tenants

Village Voice: Croman Still Among Top 10 Worst Landlords in NYC

The Villager: Two tenants keep up constant fight vs. Croman
http://thevillager.com/2014/11/13/two-tenants-keep-up-constant-fight-vs-croman/ (PDF)

Prospective Tenants:

If you are a prospective tenant, do yourself a favor and think twice before becoming involved with Croman Real Estate / 9300 Realty.

Research first, do a Google search, and check the following resources:

Last updated October 05, 2019