Helpful Hints

Keep careful records
Take photographs and / or video of damage in your apartment, unsafe renovations, etc.
Know your rights
Do not be intimidated
Use available resources
Form tenants' associations in your building
Stick together (when rent stabilized tenants are the majority of tenants in the building, they have more power)
Speak to other tenants in other buildings
Understand the courts system
Publicize your experience (send us an e-mail: or
Write letters to politicians,  attorneys general
Start or join a movement
Become informed
Vote in every election

Be aware of your environment,
a Croman-hired private investigator may be following you,
you may be under surveillance,
do not open strange e-mail or e-mail attachments,
Croman may try to hack your computer,
phones tapped, apartment broken into, records compromised, don't trust anyone affiliated with Croman, especially the Property Manager or Super
be careful who you trust, they may (unbeknownst to you) be affiliated with Croman
Take every security precaution

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